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Pages: Story Part I [1]
Author Topic: Story Part I

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2011-02-08 20-20-21

Story Part I Abducted from the Wedding Party Part I A half hour ago, I was at a wedding reception for my best friend, when I began to feel a little tipsy…I had been flirting with the handsome bartender, and showing off my sexy dress with the deeply cut front. i know now that i probably dressed too sluttily for a wedding...but i had my reasons...i knew this man I was so attracted to would be tending bar at this wedding. My dress is black, silky, long skirted but with a mid-thigh high everyone could see my sexy black lace panty hose...the sleeves arelong and modest, but the front is very low cut...white lace on my bra peeking out just for breasts swelling under the bra.....what was i dressing for, anyway? An abduction? A rape? Because that is what is happening to me...i've been kidnapped in a public place and so skillfully and boldly that no even noticed... I went to the ladies room and as I came out, I felt a powerful arm grab me just under my breasts and a cloth that smelled awful was pressed over my mouth and nose. I struggled wildly, but in a moment everything slipped away. I know now it was chloroform…and I remember being placed in a car, being driven somewhere and carried in to a darkened house. Now I am conscious again, lying on a bed, but my wrists are tightly bound to the headboard, and my black silk scarf has been bound over my mouth to gag me firmly… It's so dimly lit in the room that I can barely see him and when he notices I am awake, he starts talking to me. I am trembling with fear. "What the hell am I going to do with you? My plan was very spur of the moment and not well thought out. After serving drinks to well dressed women all night who deceptively flirted in order to get an extra splash of top shelf liquor in their drink, I decided at the last minute to just take ..... and here you are. I hadn't really planned ahead on what I was going to do to or with you, but now I must wonder if I can let you leave after I am through. Can I trust you, Babe? Will you be nice to me?" He takes out the gag so I can answer. I nod my head eagerly and say the words I think he wants to hear, "Yes, yes!" I even move my hips suggestively a little, and he laughs softly. His tone is ironic and mocking when he speaks again:
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2011-02-09 18-47-03

Part II "You know this is what got you here in the first place. Women acting interested and trying to use the possibility of sex to get what they want. Your over-willingness while in the situation you are in only proves you are trying to get me to let my guard down so you can escape. I will have to put the gag back on, blindfold you and leave you to think while I decide what to do next. I'll be gone for awhile so you be a good girl." After a while you hear the light switch click on when I decided you have had time to stew, although you wouldn't be able to see what is going on, talk or do much more than squirm around in your restraints a bit. You feel a pressure on the bed and then the weight of someone straddling your midsection. "I still haven't decided how this is going to end yet so you better give me whatever I want," you hear as you feel something warm, hard and slightly throbbing slide between your hands. "Are you gonna play along?" He's back...i thought he might leave me here long enough so i could get free of these ropes that were tying my wrists to the headboard, but i was sooo wrong! God! He is on top of me! He is retying my hands in front and i hear the sound of a he's put his cock in my tightly bound hands and i hear his voice again, deep, threatening, asking me if i'm going to cooperate with him. What can i do? He's straddling me, i'm tied, gagged, blindfolded, completely helpless...he could kill me if he wanted to...i have to play hands are trembling as they grasp his hard cock, wet with precum..i smell his musky male scent, and it makes me dizzy with arousal...i nod my head ...he possesses me now...there is nothing i can do but submit...if i want to live...and yet, i want him to fuck me hard...i can't help it...this has always been my fantasy and now i am living it!! You hear my breathing deepen and a deep moan. "You're doing good .... are you going to behave if I remove the gag? I'm not worried about you screaming because your mouth will be busy, but you better not bite." You feel me get off of you and my hands reach behind your head to remove the gag, turning your head sideways and sliding you towards the edge of the bed. A straw is pressed to your lips. "Drink some ... I don't want your mouth to be dry."
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    2011-02-10 6-44-11-

    Part III After a few sips of refreshing ice water the straw is taken away and you feel a hard, warm piece of flesh touch your lips. "You know what to do." He has removed the silk scarf and given me a sip of ice mouth was dry with fear, but when he puts his cock between my lips i feel a rush of moisture and my mouth opens to let his cock in, down and down into my throat...i am gagging and struggling, so he pulls back a bit to give me air...his juices are trickling into my mouth...i know i have to please him and i want to please him too...i use my tongue to lick and caress the throbbing shaft and head of his cock, ...i can feel tears running down my cheeks from the deepthroat forced on me...but now all i can think of is how i want him to cum in my mouth...and i want to swallow it, savor it... He is the most frightening, most powerful man i have ever met....and i still can't believe that a short while ago i was at a wedding party... and now i am about to be raped...something i've heard about, read about, been terrorized about but never experienced...... You feel my hands grasp the back of your head as I thrust my throbbing cock in and out of your warm, sucking mouth. "Oh yeah .. let me hear you moan so that I know you like sucking me." hand untangles from your hair and you feel rough fingers touch your chest just below your neck. The freed hand slides into your exposed bra, sliding along your breast, and lightly pinching the erect right nipple between fingers. "OH that feels fucking good! I knew you'd do a good job when I saw you. But, don't think that this is it ... I'm going to fuck you so hard". You feel hands roughly flip you onto your stomach, and a pillow shoved underneath your hips. You feel a cool breeze against your wet pussy and clit as I use scissors to cut through the crotch of your hose and remove your soaked panties in multiple pieces. My hands are coated with something slippery as I roughly run my fingers back and forth from your swollen clit to your exposed ass. "Don't make me regret leaving your gag off!" You've released my mouth...i know i should scream but i can't...i want You to fuck me, hard, mercilessly, i want to be raped...i don't want You to gag me again, just now, so i say softly but audibly, "No, i won't scream, and Yes...please, please…
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    2011-02-10 20-36-11

    Part IV please fuck me, now..." i feel like i am about to burst into tears...i feel Your weight, smell Your wonderful musky scent, hear Your breathing and Your husky male voice in my ear, warning me to not clit is swelling under your probing fingers and i am trembling uncontrollably..."Please don't hurt me," i whisper...but i know that i don't really mean that...i want you to hurt me... You feel a weight on your back, and a hand pushing your face down into a pillow. You hear an audible gasp as my cock slides into your hot pussy. "Wow .. guess I didn't need to lube you up ... you are so wet and hot!". My cock slides in and out of you in deep thrusts, as I bury my entire cock inside you, thrusting as though trying to push you through the bed. The thrusts become quicker and you hear my breaths intensify and deep moans escape from my mouth. "Go ahead and scream if you like it! I want to hear you!" As you hear the moans intensify my cock is suddenly pulled out of your dripping pussy and you feel my hot, wet member forced between your lips. "Yes! finish it!" you hear as hot cum splashes into the back of your mouth and hands again grip the back of your head. You hear a primal scream as my cock is pushed to the back of your throat, then a series of shudders like the aftershocks of an earthquake. As the cum and saliva covered cock is removed from your mouth you hear, "That was great, you were as good as you looked. Now I just need to decide what to do next .... "
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    2011-02-10 23-01-40

    Afterword i have never met this very talented and Dominant Gentleman except online. i have His permission to share this story with every
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    2011-02-11 5-05-03-

    I like him :) great imagination.
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    2011-02-11 18-03-31

    i'm in love with Him..... for the same reason...that, and the O He gave me....
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    2011-02-12 10-46-16

    Sexual Positions Women Enjoy Click Here
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    2011-02-12 21-09-50

    That Rough Sex gets me every time... i loved Your kinky tales site being real makes it all the hotter!
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    2011-02-21 3-28-59-

    Rebecca that is very fine +20 from me
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    2011-04-17 9-34-33-

    Your story was the perfect length All the detail had me closing my eyes and just "falling into" the the world you created for me. The brat is nursing and will read it later.
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    2011-09-16 2-10-35-

    The brat is nursing and will read it later. such a double infermative :)
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    2012-04-11 4-34-32-

    i love You, HCL! and tell the brat i love her too and that we needof her DRAGONFLIES! Someone just tacked that messed up spam photo on the story which i guess will cause the whole thread to go bye-bye, if and when it's ed...ah, well, Tibetan monks paint with sand or butter because they know it is impermanent! Like sand through an hourglass, such are the days of our lives...
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  • nunziata

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    2012-07-15 15-44-07

    I think the story post is safe I hope that just the thread with the spam and below will go to the isle. Porph can you tell us what will happen??
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  • kientz

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    2013-03-24 12-18-03

    You and Ghost gave me the courage to share this story. i almost weaseled out at the last minute, but couldn't let You Guys--and brat toy!--down! R. (the Dominant) started the storyline, got me so turned on i almost fainted, had me typing faster than i thought i could, led me down the path, had His way with me, and God, i hope He will do it again some day....what a climax! What a writer! What a Dominant... i can take credit only for being Swept Away...and reporting what i was was so much fun sharing this as i am an exhibitionee (one who loves to be exhibited by her Master) to the b love y'all! Alexis/rebecca
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    2014-01-28 4-19-37-

    I'm glad you didn't ; I have been known to order the brat to post after a we get some kink on.
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    2015-03-05 20-49-51

    My kinda People!!
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    2015-09-28 9-59-54-

    Glad we could help The fact that you enjoyed posting was a bonus for you. and us. he he No need to fear this place, there are always supportive people around, just trying to keep kinksters like yourself involved. And we LOVE a good story, no matter where it originates. I also reitierate my offer. If you need someone to vent to, e-mail me. No need to be away from understanding people while you go through a trying time. Be well, Rebecca
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