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Pages: Cold water bondage pt 1 [1]
Author Topic: Cold water bondage pt 1

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2011-02-08 16-26-58

Cold water bondage pt 1 (Okay, this is just a little off topic, but of my diving customers sent this into our dive forum and I got such a chuckle out of it, I thought I'd share) "From now on, you will refer to me as mistress. You will do as I say without complaint, no matter how disgusting or uncomfortable. You will do everything I say, without omission, and in the order in which I tell you. Do you understand?" "Yes, mistress." "Good. I want you to strip to your underwear. NOW! If you don't obey in a timely manner, you will be punished. You will don this bulky pair of long underwear, carefully zipping up to your neck, and wear these sandals. I then have a series of chores for you to perform. Are you ready?" "Yes, mistress." "First you must put this heavy bag of equipment on your shoulders. LIFT! NOW! I don't care if the lumps in the bag dig into your back. You must prepare for the next burden: hoist this belt of lead weights over your left shoulder, then lift this bag of loose lead in the right hand." "Mistress, I'm afraid I might drop the belt." "Silence! Your complaints will only merit more punishment. Now walk steadily down this slippery sloping steel ramp to deposit your load on the waiting vessel. You will then return for more burdens. I want to see sweat. Then we'll proceed to the next stage of your punishment. I will wait here." ... "Mistress, I have finished my appointed tasks." "Good. Now we will begin with the binding. I want you to put these thick woolen stockings on. Pull them up tight. You'll need them snug to fit into the rubberized containment garment, which I want you to now start applying to your body. Sit here and insert your feet into the legs of the garment. Push! Harder! I know their sticky sides are cinching the stockings tight against your toes, crimping them into an unnatural position, but that is the pain you deserve." "Mistress, the internal suspenders seem to have caught in my crotch and I can't pull further."
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2011-02-09 7-17-25-

Cold water bondage pt 2 "You miserable worm. As punishment, you must remove the containment garment. Yes, I know the stockings will come off in the legs, but you must pull them out and begin again. Yes. That's right. Watch out for those suspenders. Now pull the containment garment up to your waist and we'll begin with the top. Push your left arm into the sleeve of the garment and through the rubberized gasket at the end. Now the right arm. Yes, I know your arm catches and your shoulder aches, and that the gasket pulls the hair off your wrist. Tell me that you love it." "I love it, mistress." "I doubt your sincerity. As penance, we must apply the neck gasket. Please insert your head through this small rubber aperture. Push! Harder! You may pull a little on the gasket to open it if necessary. Now snug it around your neck." "Mistress! It's tight! I feel as if I'm choking!" "QUIET! Did I ask you to speak? You must follow every instruction I give you without complaint. You must learn the tortuous ecstasies of autoasphyxiation. "I will now zip you into the containment garment using this back zipper. No, you will not be able to get out on your own. You must depend on me to release you from your bondage. You are committed to your fate in my hands. Come with me to board the waiting vessel, where your true test will begin at sea." ... "Mistress, my stomach quakes with the rolling seas." "Cast your putrescence over the side of the vessel where I won't have to view it. Then come to this steel bench where further punishment awaits. Yes, it involves this lead-weighted belt, that neoprene hood, and the various devices spread on the bench. Cinch that belt tight. Tighter! It mustn't come off. Pull the hood over your head; feel it pull your hair, squeeze your ears against you head, and force your mouth shut so that it's difficult to breathe. Now put these neoprene encumbrances over your hands, and we'll proceed to the heavy steel burden and the blinders."
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2011-02-10 3-50-35-

Cold water bondage pt 3 - end "Mistress, the thick neoprene on my fingers makes it very difficult to handle the burden." "Do you think that concerns me? Your job is to do exactly as I say without complaint, and I expect compliance. Now insert your arms through the holes in the backpack of the burden. Don't twist the straps! They must be straight to dig into you as you stand to shoulder the burden. Idiot! You must not slip as the boat tosses. Do you think I came on this journey only to hear the clangor of your fumbled burden? "Now! The blinders! Spit in them, maggot. Rinse your vile saliva out. Place them over your eyes and strap them over the back of your hood. They will limit your field of vision so that you can only see what's straight ahead of you. You are not to be concerned with anything to the side. "Walk this way. It's time for the foot binding. Lift your foot, insert it into this pocket, then snap this steel spring around your heel. The other foot! Now, worm, struggle to the stern of the ship where it's time for the bit in your teeth. Put it in your mouth! Bite down! Do you feel your complete and utter helplessness? " "Yuushh, mishhtreshhh. " "Are you ready for your final test?" "Mishhtreshh, zhat wader looksh cold!" "SILENCE! Do you think you can back out now? Are you showing your true nature, that of a sniveling coward? Must I push you to your limit because you haven't the spine to carry out your orders?" [The transcript is interrupted here by the sound of a loud splash followed by muted muttering.] "Putz. He always puts up a fuss right at the end. If he thinks I can't dish it out, next week I'm bringing out the photographic gear." Found in the logbook of the dive boat "Heaving Main" out of Monterey, California.
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2011-02-10 14-02-11

haha great RQ I like that it was clean too, that's a change. s/D doesn't always have to be about toys and sexual things, it's great to hear something like this too. Wish I had points but I gave all mine out earlier. sorry.
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2011-02-11 6-43-45-

Hi Sadie?
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2011-02-11 19-04-06

I didnt see where you said hi? I looked for it. I feel like I said something wrong to you and your upset with me.
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  • towler

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    2011-02-12 12-09-01

    here you go.
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    2011-02-16 14-40-59

    Ok thought that was to someone else. I thought you were going to be moving soon?
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  • kowalke

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    2011-03-16 18-51-20

    when did I say that.
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  • demaggio

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    2011-03-19 19-17-13

    Just knowing you enjoyed it is worth more than points to me!!! :-) Good way to start off the week! RQ
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    2011-07-27 20-54-35

    Thanks for sharing this! It was really well done
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