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Pages: with John and Marlene from last Sunday [1]
Author Topic: With John and Marlene from last Sunday

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2011-02-08 18-10-55

with John and Marlene from last Sunday Last Sunday was undeniably my most freaky/kinky experience ever. Been so busy that I haven¡¦t had much time to write about it, but I thought I¡¦d give it a shot now as I know that there are some of you who enjoy hearing about it and it is undoubtedly the hottest experience of my life to date. I only had time to do draft and could not proofread so you¡¦ll have to deal with the errors and type-os. Hopefully not too many ƒ¼. So Marlene has this all planned out and she really wanted to bring John¡¦s level of humiliation to an all time high. So I get there and Marlene just looks smokin. Like I¡¦ve never seen before. Black teddy, kinda sheer but sorta not, she seemed so excited, her nips were pointy as hell and I could tell she had this really excited/nervous and very horny look about her. She was really glad to see me (and viceversa) so we spent a solid 30 minutes on the sofa necking, groping, etc. We occasionally took a break to sip on the wine John had poured us. I made a point not to touch her pussy by using hand to massage her neck, shoulders, back and thighs and the other gently playing with her nipples. She kept spreading her legs wider and wider but I made her wait¡Kand wait. She was getting quite impatient. It was hot because after John greeted me and got us the wine, she gave him a punchlist of things to do-little menial chores to keep him busy. Most of it was changing out the laundry, folding stuff, putting it away. She also told him to iron something she needed for work the next day. So while he was off busy, she asked me if I was ready to execute the little plan that she¡¦d conceived of. I told her I was a bit nervous, but also very excited at the same time. ¡§Well, we¡¦re on the same page then,¡¨ she said, icy blue eyes looking deeply into me. We then made out with a hunger that I¡¦ve never experienced before. Just then, I slid her panties aside to and to my delight discovered the messiest and smoothest pussy I¡¦d EVER experienced. It was swollen and frothing with a thick sweetness. I ran my finger delicately through it, parting her lips and moving upward until I met her bulbous clit. I ever so gently moved my finger from side to side and across her incredible stiffness. I felt her shake and shiver just a bit. She suggested that it was time to move upstairs.
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2011-02-09 12-02-17

John take a seat So while he was off busy, she asked me if I was ready to execute the little plan that she’d conceived of. I told her I was a bit nervous, but also very excited at the same time. “Well, we’re on the same page then,” she said, icy blue eyes looking deeply into me. We then made out with a hunger that I’ve never experienced before. Just then, I slid her panties aside to and to my delight discovered the messiest and smoothest pussy I’d EVER experienced. It was swollen and frothing with a thick sweetness. I ran my finger delicately through it, parting her lips and moving upward until I met her bulbous clit. I ever so gently moved my finger from side to side and across her incredible stiffness. I felt her shake and shiver just a bit. She suggested that it was time to move upstairs. So we got up off the sofa, walked across the lush living room carpet and onto the black marble foyer. Her incredibly sexy heels clicked rhythmiy, announcing her presence to John, who stuck his head out of the laundry. She smiled at him and said, “Finish up what you’re doing and come up to the bedroom right away.” When we got up to the bedroom, I noticed that several vases of white and red roses were scattered throughout, matching perfectly the white silk sheets and red comforter that I’d never seen before. She held my head and led me to the exact spot she wanted me which was just a few feet away from John’s stool. My back was facing the wall and I was looking directly at their door. Marlene got down on her knees, unbuckled and unzipped me and hungrily sucked on my cock. Soon John entered the room and our eyes met. His expression changed quickly as realized that we were already fast at it and hadn’t bothered waiting for him. For a moment he just stood there, watching. It was weird but I was immediately at ease as I felt him drifting immediately into that docile aura. So when he looked at me I just smiled coyly, as if it say, yep your wife on her knees sucking my cock. Although John made very quiet entrance into the room, Marlene could sense he was there. She stopped for a moment, turned her head, stroked my cock with hand, and pointed toward his stool with the other. “C’mon honey. You know what to do,” were her only words, before she went back to work.
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  • hootman

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    2011-02-09 12-29-45

    Marlene gives some serious orders As John took his seat, Marlene nudged me closer to him, so we were literally only a foot or away from him. At this point Marlene really ramped it up a few notches. With each thrust she tried taking all me into her mouth. Several times she had to take a break as her gag reflex kicked in. Upon the first time, she stopped, stroking my dick as she choked. “I’m…sorry, sorry,” she gagged. I’m just still used to sucking such a small dick. It’s hard to adjust.” When she choked the second time, she looked at John and told him to strip down to his boxers. It seemed that he was excited because he didn’t know where this was going. “But for God sakes, keep your hand off yourself,” she snapped. She continued sucking, but now stopping more frequently for commentary. Marlene liked to play up my size sometimes as I think its both exciting and humiliating for John to watch his wife enjoy someone with a much larger cock. She would stop, stroke it, and make a comment to him like, “God so fat and long..mmmm…How long do you suppose it is John, hmmm?” John became somewhat uncomfortable and remained silent as Marlene alternated sucking and engaging him. The stopping and starting, her dirty talk, doing all this right in his face, it was getting to me. “Look, John, how hard and purple it is. Amazing isn’t it?” John nodded slightly but remained quiet. “it’s amazing how some men can be so large and others so small, don’t you think?” Again John remained quiet. Now Marlene stopped sucking completely and just slowly stroked me in her hand, looking at her husband deeply and passionately. “Do you think, he’s twice as large, honey?” her tone, now delicate and soft. John raised his brows and shrugged his shoulders, “Well, I’d guess so but I’m not sure,” he said quietly. “Well, I thought we’d find out today. There’s a tape measure in my top drawer, go get it,” as he did Marlene went back to work. She really attacked my cock this time. I was starting to feel weak in the knees and was really feeling like I needed to release. As part of the plan, Marlene asked me to “save myself” for Sunday. So I hadn’t ejaculated for a solid 5-6 days. I actually cancelled a date with a total hottie in my Calculus class so I wouldn’t be tempted. But now I needed to come.
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  • Kum-Meng

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    2011-02-10 7-21-38-

    The Measure of a Man John returned with measuring tape in hand. She point downward, reminding him to take a seat and continued doing a stellar job on me. Between slurps of my cock, she barely got out, “measure it.” He didn’t react at first and just sat there watching us. I really needed to cum. So she stopped, getting a bit frustrated at his lack of responsiveness. “Do it, John! Measure your fucking cock!” As soon as she was done giving the orders, she tried deep throating me with every thrust, causing a series of gags and coughs. John seemed to have eye on us and eye on the tape measure. He was taking a long time and Marlene’s impatience grew greater. “Well…have you got a fucking number already?!?!?” John looked down once more. And after a few seconds, he simply said, yes. He seemed somewhat hesistant to say it out loud. Marlene stopped and just looked at him, not saying a word, until he came clean. “About three and half,” he muttered. “About three and a half or three and a half!?!?” she barked. He paused looked down again, fumbling with the tape measure. “It’s three and a quarter to be exact.” Marlene shook her head, “Fina-fucking-ly! Why was that so goddamn difficult?” Then Marlene, looked down at him and touched his penis with her forefinger and thumb. “And are you completely hard? Yep,” she confirmed. “So pathetic,” she giggled. “Do you see what I have to put up with?” her big blue eyes, looking up at me. “Unfucking real! Tiny cock and I can’t even get a straight answer outta him.” “Ok, so we’ve now established that you’re off the charts tiny, now you’ll measure him.” Obviously this was the part I was most nervous about but some of that quickly melted away when I’d noticed how nervous and shocked he was by her request.” “You want to me wha…what?” “yeah, you heard me right. Measure his. I asked how big you thought it was and you said, you weren’t sure. So measure it.” He was paralyzed. And didn’t move for what seemed like an eternity. “Now!” she barked.
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    2011-02-10 14-11-38

    I need to cum! To be honest, the dude was starting to piss me off now. I was ready to cum 15 minutes ago and all his fucking around now has begun to give me a serious case of the blue balls. Marlene scooted aside, as John stood. He placed the beginning of the tape along the top of my cock and let the measure fall to the end. All this talk and stalling and the fact that another man was measuring my penis, had caused it to soften a bit, so I decided to add a little levity to a otherwise pretty intense situation. As he measured, my now softening cock, I cracked, “See there, John, I figured I’d soften it a bit as not to completely embarrass you.” This gave Marlene a good chuckle and even John’s demeanor relaxed somewhat. (Thanks APaganPoet!!!!) “He’s and a half,” John said matter of factly. Now Marlene held each of our cocks in hand, as she knelt down between us. She looked him directly in the eye, “Three and a quarter rock hard or and a half with just half a hard on. Amazing. Sit back down.” So Marlene now went back to work. Taking down as much of my cock as she could. She would take a few thrusts and then work it again with her hand. Every so often she would throw another barb John’s way. She was really getting quite verbal with him. And to be honest, it was turning me on. of the hottest was, “What the fuck do you expect John…fuck me with that measly cock for 18 years and think I’ll be satisfied?!?!? Were you really that surprised when I told you I wanted this? Were you?” For the most part he remained quiet and took his tongue lashing. His sat alternating from eyes cast down to often looking up at her and us. “I’m sick of you just sitting there like a lump on a log. Get behind and eat my ass.”
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  • jumper

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    2011-02-10 15-14-50

    A very hot finish John quickly did as she said and positioned himself right behind her. He got on his knees, and she stuck her ass out just a bit for him. He parted her cheeks and did as he was told. The intensity of Marlene’s cocksucking increased with each minute. I think I felt her cum a few times and was ready for a big She began grinding her ass into John’s face, as he was now on all fours to brace himself against the pressure she was applying. “Not the pussy, you fuck. Don’t touch that. It’s only for him.” Marlene could no longer suck me off anymore and leaned her face and shoulders against my abdomen and hips. She continued stroking my cock with of her hands and used the other arm to brace herself, by wrapping it around my thigh. I stood as firm as I could now bearing most of her weight. Now as I felt her shake and heard her screams, her stroking raised to a new level and soon I was spurting gobs and gobs of cum over her shoulder. My first few shots were so forceful and as a result John receiving a good bit of it on his back with the rest of it on Marlene’s booty. I’d cum on my first couple and I’d never felt better!
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    2011-02-11 5-52-59-

    Good? I printed it to read with my Man later.
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  • cortelyou

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    2011-02-11 18-30-55

    I mean for real We are just starting I think about getting to that point or furthur
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    2011-02-11 22-48-00

    We are just thinking of 3 somes. ((((8))))
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    2011-02-12 12-32-53

    Bad Ass!!! Very hot!! **stands up and salutes**
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    2011-02-17 6-06-18-

    Bad Ass!!! Very hot!! **stands up and salutes**
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  • harvison

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    2011-03-02 1-53-09-

    hey total bottom here, dating single online - Pittsburg
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  • matlick

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    2011-03-07 0-36-23-

    This was super hot! Thanks for sharing, and I can't help but to wonder what's next for you all... Most excellent kink!!!
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    2011-06-30 19-15-22

    Ummm not rly sure what u mean I had been fucking Marlene for a few weeks when shefinally told me she was married. I was ready to split until she told me that her hubby was fine with it. So we kept fucking for x-x months before she finally convinced me to have dinner with her and John and it just sort of evolved from there.
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  • rabatin

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    2011-09-10 18-38-45

    co springs is freaky and i like it never read or hear about that stuff in no colorado or denver area. i think co springs has the market cornered
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    2012-03-27 19-29-37

    hot hot hot! Not only was the subject mr super sexy, and the paragraphs made up for the few typos, but the chapter titles for each posting almost put me over the edge! Congrats, and thanks for sharing!
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