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2011-02-08 18-55-20

I am a very complex girl. I love being home and being bor female escorts Mendoza ed but I also love going out and getting into trouble. I enjoy talking for hours about everything and anything. I am a full-time student and a full-time employee. I love to laugh and I love being random. I love being outside in all types of weahter. I need someone who can keep up with my energy but also someone who knows how to relax on lazy days! I am a very passionate person and I am looking for people who share those passions.
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2011-02-09 2-44-48-

UGH! Why do women love jerks so much?Men are such disgusting pigs. Lol. Rather than tell you, Here's a true story from this past spring to illustrate why you sho dating ads Solon Springs uld NOT date me. If you don't have a sense of humor, you'll hate this. Better to serial scan the next ad. BACKGROUND: Saturday nite I have this girl I met speed dating come out for a nite on the town. We've hooked up before, but she can be hot/cold and very flakey so I only hang out with her when I can't remember why I no longer hang out with her. It's like going to a buffet that was really good, but then the ownership changes and it sucks.... but every few months you see it and you can't remember why you don't go there anymore. Except.... in this case the buffet was never good. This girl looks and acts like Jessica Simpson. Blonde, dumb twit. I'm not really into blondes and she is really dumb. I don't know why I keep messing with her. Oh, now I remember ... Vagina has strange power over me and it leads to fun nites like this. She comes out from the burbs to my place in the city. I hate chicks from the burbs because they become incompetent and make a big deal about little things like: parking is a HUGE DEAL, traffic, they are super lost, they bitch about the commute, they can't remember where I live, etc. It's like they forget how to wipe their own asses once they cross city lines. I literally have to come out and parallel park her car. We play pool then we hookup on my pool table. But just "the tip." She doesn't want me to think she is easy, even though we hooked up in the past. Chick logic.... We go to bar#1 and have a few drinks. We go to club#1 and have a drink. We go to Crimson and have free grey goose. We go to Enclave and have free shots. We are hammered so it's time for thing. Hollywood Grill for breakfast! On the cab ride home she's going totally cold, being totally drunk and annoying, being a tease and I realize we are not fucking tonite. I'm cool with that because I've already banged her, but it's time to go nuts on her. We have breakfast and all she is doing is complaining, texting then she accidentally spills water on me. She's supposed to spend the nite with me, but I can't take it anymore. I'm already full and ready to fall asleep so I might as well "shoot the moon." We are walking back to my place (I live 4 blocks away) and I'm a half a block ahead of her. She is getting really annoying and not keeping up. So I turn the corner and start running. I'm hammered so I'm running like a drunken retard in the special olympics, arms flailing. I cut in an alley and run down there and take a shortcut to my place. I'm laughing my ass off. 2 minutes later she starts ing me. I ignore the s. Then I get text messages and s from her that start like this: Her(3:-U-R-NUTS? Her: You left me in the middle of nowhere She's hungover and asks me for ibuprofin. I only have baby aspirin which she doesn't like. I offer her a packet of Ranch powder. She is not amused. We get back to the couch. I start texting her again. We are literally sitting next to each other but I'm texting her. Me: I'm really sorry. I've turned over a new leaf. I've changed my ways. Me: I just wanna make it up to u. Her: Stop Me: I wanna make u a muffin.... brownie or cupcake Me: I wanna treat u like a lady. Me: I want us to be "us" again. Me: I want to look into your eyes and hold your hand..... Me: As I take a dump... Eventually she finally takes the hint and leaves. She is really pissed at me. She wants me to walk her to her car I say, "no, but it's down there (points)" I talk to my roommate. He says he thinks they fucked, but he can't remember. So I figure me and her are d ... right? NOPE. She texts me out of the blue 1 hour later: Her: Had lots of fun, fyi, until you pulled your shannannagans.... Her: Fuuuuucccck i wanted to try Bongo Room (breakfast place) Me: I had a blast too. Let's do it again sometime. Her: Lol Me: day we will try that breakfast place. Me: My roommate said you were terrible in the sack. (EDITOR'S NOTE: He didn't but why should a little thing like the truth get in the way. That's what she gets for not fucking me. I figure why not fuck with her self esteem a little) Her: I never had complaints =) Me: He said, "soggy potatoes" (I have no idea what that means... I just made it up. But why not ruin her self esteem, she fucked my roommate. Dumb cunt.) Her: WTF =( Her: Soggly like fat? He really fucking said that? Me: I have no clue what that means... That's what he told me... I could care less. Hey do you still want me to send u those cool ebooks on Raw Food? Her: He really said that? =( Me: I think it's hilarious, u were so mad at me u fucked my roommate. Her: No i didn't. Ure romate ed me soggy potatoes. I'm so sad. Me: You grabbed his hand and said, "come fuck me" because you were so mad at me Her: Whoops. Me: I'm starving. I'm going to make a pot roast today Her: I'm not eating again, me and my soggy potatoes. Me: Ure weird. Her: I hate how u try to hurt my feelings. Does that mean I'm fat? Me: U r sooo annoying. I regret telling you now. I'm not talking about this anymore. Shhhh I'm doing cardio yo Her: Fucking rude. u shouldn't have told me Me: Man what an awesome workout! Me: [her friends name] is prodding me for details of last nite, I haven't told her anything. YOu better not either Her: Me too! It's sooo annoying. Me: I'd rather have her mad at me for not spilling the beans then have u mad at me. Her: =) Her: It's sqooshes when I walk. Me: Last nite was so much fun. Me: I wish I had a video camera to record you. Sooo funny. Her: =) Her: Thanks Her: hi! Her: ps. What are ebooks? (EDITOR'S NOTE: I cannot make up the ridiculous stupid shit she says) Even more hilarity ensues today... Me(1pm): Morning sunshine! Her: Morning! Thank goodness u texted me. I ve gotta pick up steaks, but u reminded me I need potatoes as well. Me: Hey, wanna play rock band? Her: Yes Me: lol. I owe you $2 by the way Her: ? Me: For your 1 block cab ride. I somehow feel responsible. Her: It was $5 Me: Yes, but it was a $1.50 ride. Did he pick u up at Jewel/Osco and drop u off at Jewel/Osco? Later on in the conversation I tell her that my roomie has herpes. (He doesn't, but AGAIN why should a little thing like the truth get in the way of my fun) Me: From now on, u can look but NOT touch. I can't be catching that shit. yuck. Her: Lol Her: I wanna go back to crimson lounge Me: I hear they have dating sites just for people like you. Did u get a rash or warts yet? That's what they an outbreak. I think it looks "crimson" Me: Actually crimson was nice, I had fun dancing. Her: =) Don't say that. And we didn't do anything. We looked hot dancing together Me: Yeah that was so much fun, we were the only ones dancing. Her: Ha ha ha. Were we really? Then this convo goes to f messages She sends me this message saying "This coulda been me =( " with a link to those 2 girls that got beaten in Bucktown last weekend. I send her a message that says: Do you mean this? (a link to a herpes website) She replies back: ASSHOLE! ;) I reply back: DUMB CUNT. :p She replies: Rude! =) I reply: Rock Band? She says: Yep! Believe it or not, we are still friends to this day. She says I'm "funny". ....... If you have a sense of humor and thought this was the funniest thing you've read on CL, reply back and you can be my next date/story/conquest and we can meet for a drink. Put "rockband" in the subject so I know this isn't a bot. Start off with a picture and we can take it from there.
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2011-02-09 4-47-03-

lost time waiting on love time make up Hello,If you women looking for boys Torrington Alberta know where that line is from congradulations you are on your way to awesomeness!!I am a sweet, quirky, and smart- assed BBW.Im a student who likes several subjects. I get along well with independent thinkers, beatnicks, but not hippies!!I like to have fun, but my party days are over. Im definatly not a barfly, nor am I a heavy stoner. I do enjoy cocktail(s) smoking the ocassional cig and hanging out listening to music on vinal. I love music its a big part of my life. I like several genres including industrial, neo folk, punk, psychobilly, post modern, alternative, jazz, blues, and classical. I am also an advid movie junky. I like to read, go for long drives, camping, swimming, drinking coffee, and hot chocolate. I really enjoy learning new things, for example, I would love to the following things: shoot a gun/ bow and arrow, track down an animal without killing it, go off roading, go fishing, ride a motorcycle. I love listening to people. I do get drained easily if you are always bitching.Im looking for a nice guy preferable a little bit rugged, but has class and style. I am really attracted to men with dark brown hair and light eyes. I prefer men that are between the ages of 25-40, however I will make an exception depending on the type of person you are. I am looking for quality.
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2011-02-10 14-55-27

East Brunswick Gym We met in the sauna on the 24th. Then we went somewhere else and had a steamy time. Hope to see you again. swinger ads Whiting WI
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  • cupp

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    2011-02-11 2-27-13-

    You look great in that skirt you had on a green top and a nice mini gave me directions to staples in the pa exclusive matchmaking Big Lake AK rking lot...your looked great in that mini skirt with such beautiful legs...really love to hear from you....I think you beautiful! Hope to hear back, and tell me something about what I had on, or looked liked or was driving so i know it is you. Thanks
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    2011-02-12 14-18-46

    Looking in Albany Looking to give/trade bj/j/o today. You host or have an idea of where to go. Hit me up maried female wanting for sex Mansfield AR
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  • Gerardo

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    2011-05-23 6-22-38-

    On the lookout for my lifetime Valentine! I am % in a relationship and will most likely be loyal and honest with me personally. Age and looks are not imperative that you me. cyber sex Tennessee IL I have been hurt more often than not and its a feeling I dont want anymore so should your a heartbreaker please move relating to. I am who I say i'm sure and I will not change that for anybody or any reason. I am single because I was used by the wrong woman and we are here looking for the right woman an individual that will appreciate me and everything i actually do and not take it for granted. I realize there are many men out there that tell you things to get you absolutely hooked then destroy you and I dont like those guys they literally make me sick. I do not approve associated with abusers liars cheater and individuals If you message me you must be equipped for a relationship and must be prepared give your heart away for being loved and treasured and you must be capable of accept mine as well and return an identical love and treasure If you message me you must be over all your exs and must be capable of handle being loved, cared regarding, and romanced. if you dont like getting flowers dont bother messaging others If you message me it's essential to be willing to meet at a store and not play endless mind games and tag that receives old. I am here for the real thing not mind games. I want someone who will be worth having and working for not much of a lost cause. If you have that is definitely ok with me I you should not mind ren I am here because I will be tired of being lonely and I am searching for my life very long valentine. I am overweight but exceptionally active and energetic it seems some people have a problem with me being overweight but thats there choice I will be not lazy and I try and stay healthy and i exercise in lots of different ways. So if you have a problem with me not looking like a male supermodel please deal with it. I have a very special personality including a wonderful heart and Im just hunting for the x girl that will treasure it forever all of which will accept me for me cause this is who I am and I'll never change the way We're for anybody because I am an enjoyable sweet guy that an appreciative loving loyal woman is happy to have. I am speaking from and also the when I say this I will be the sweetest most thoughtful guy you can ever meet so if your looking for a great guy to spend everyday life with please send me some text. If you dont feel we have been compatible please look else when and i wish you the best of luck in your search. If you do feel we are compatible I want to hear from you. If you believe we may be compatible please send me some text with the word lifetime valentine inside subject line.
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    2011-08-16 17-25-11

    Motel head Anyone out there interested in some NSA mutual oral? MWM here trying to find some fun now. Don't do pics as a result of being married so if which is a deal breaker please don't react. asian girls for dating Brooklet
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  • carlson

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    2012-03-09 12-02-34

    Horny not to mention hosting!!! Im on the lookout for some cocks in these days to fill my personal as sex personal in Franklin Springs Georgia s. I have always been %ddf and HIV- in this case. I am definitely vers. Im cool by means of bb or safe truthfulness are clean. Hit me all the way up with stats and pics and we'll get this intending. You MUST dispatch pics and grow older before I send you my number!
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  • Tiffie

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    2012-10-01 16-14-12

    Nice day for any ride and some sort of movie Haven't visited the movies for forever any takers... Go conversation in addition to laughter is all I'm searching for. x'-x" about x degrees out. women looking for married men Cattaraugus New York
    lets head out backpackingonce it warms in place, hispanic dating Guys TN - Spurlockville, Edwards NY zip 58769
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    2013-10-20 2-32-19-

    watch and be watched Looking for a lady who loves to watch a male milf pussy Lakeville cum, and hopefully likes to be watched masturbating way too. No contact required, just watching each other. Safe and friednly guy, very good wanting. Hope to perceive from you in the near future.
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  • lycan

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    2013-10-27 16-59-47

    Most people scratch my lower back and... Searching for a nsa buddy so that you can smoke herb with an have a great time; ) Let everybody know, have our crib, can accom. . porn chat McClusky
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    2015-03-15 7-55-44-

    Mid-day delight! Would choose to meet an older women for a few fun in the actual afternoons. Im x', light male professional. sex outdoors in Macazinho
    Come tomorrow at noon, seeking for sex dates St Pete Beach FL - Tioga Louisiana, Luckey Ohio, McMinnville OR, Bucksport 63204
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    2015-12-10 19-06-57

    seeking out that special women Im not seeking o long distance relationship Hayward MN ut sex, im lookin in a special woman to take time with and then determine how things choose from there. I would always meet a wonderful woman who enjoys a walk on the beach now and again. Im honest, well intentioned, i dont conduct drugs or have. Im looking for your sexy bbw/ thick lady and that i dont mind if you have had . .
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