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Pages: gas on the cheating fire [1]
Author Topic: Gas on the cheating fire

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2011-02-08 19-23-57

gas on the cheating fire I still think its funny how much of the cheating rage is centered around or assumed that its men cheating, statistiy, women do it just as often, and if the number continue the way they have for the last like 30 years, right now women are cheating more than men also, i love how the media can tell a story about women cheating and its about her finding herself, or fulfillment (damn that makes me laugh), or any number of things that are gray area or even outright "justifyable" but I have never seen a single movie or story about a guy cheating and it being okay, men cheat and we're pigs, women cheat, and they're just emotionally deeper than us Hats off the the ladies who hold cheating women accountable, or atleast don't provide them with excuses, I have unlimited respect and admiration for women who are faithful and loving to their husbands, even if most of you find my opinions and attitudes to be completely repelent (hey, my spelling is bad too)
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2011-02-09 3-34-19-

it was a woman who taught me that people in general don't offer full accountability on things that happen in other zip codes.
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  • sydney

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    2011-02-10 0-11-03-

    silly me I assumed people don't cheat I was brainwashed into believing that everybody followed the norms and the best chance for happiness was to follow all of the rules that other people dictate. That strategy did not serve me well. Question authority.
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    2011-02-10 14-06-33

    question authority, not honesty~
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    2011-02-11 6-49-47-

    What's your story little angry one? I haven't read today's posts but have you been in here having these types of delightful conversations all day? Lighten up buttercup. *passes bong to whorehubby*
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    2011-02-11 19-06-30

    oooh thank you! wow thanks for that virtual hit. i mirror it on this end.
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  • cuenca

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    2011-02-11 22-29-55

    *cheers* did you make yourself today's whipping boy/girl? What a generous sort. Welcome to the fo ;)
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    2011-02-12 16-25-56

    But you are absolutely right question authority
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    2011-02-24 0-03-50-

    in a perfect world... no would cheat and there would be no wars! YAY! oh well guess that'll never happen... grrr forget rules! just have fun! woo hoooooooooooooo! ^_^
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    2011-04-22 2-14-46-

    close to my point but a slight correction... Well thank you for being so positive I appreciate it. I think that people who have sex outside of the mainstream frequently justify their actions to themselves by saying "well at least I'm not cheating". They go further and further out on a limb with their spanking or ass sex or power games or prostitution or whatever and that's always the talisman against feeling bad about it. "I'm not cheating on anybody so it's okay." So if you repeat that mantra over and over again then it starts to kind of lose its meaning and get confused Now there are these whole ethical systems built around people doing things that are WAY out of the mainstream, but it's okay because nobody is cheating. The justification for the ass sex or the whips and chains or public sex or whatever is that no cheating is happening. No more thought or debate is allowed, everybody move on with your ass sex. Tinker with the underlying structure and people feel like their own ethical systems that allow them to spank each other may be in question, which apparently alarms them. Meanwhile, back in the real world... People in Kansas think that the spanking and ass sex is way worse than the guy who has a girlfriend on the side. Some percentage of people reading this kink forum believe pretty hard-core in a niche ethical system designed to enable ass sex and threesomes. People from the real world are coming in and bringing up frank topic that involve real-world situations where full disclosure isn't necessarily the norm, and bullies tell them to go and play in traffic. The morality rule that led to somebody telling that woman to go and play in traffic was obviously either wrong or poorly interpreted there or both. Or else it's moral to tell other people to go and play in traffic. Rules of morality that are just assumed to be correct that exclude all other points of view, is what I was opposing. Not rules in general or fidelity in general.
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    2011-09-17 11-38-35

    Thank you for reposting (in post) your philosphy on cheating. I really wanted a recap rather than have to read all of today's threads! whew! Thanks. I have never (EVER!) heard anyone say this: "well at least I'm not cheating" while engaging in kinky activities. That's not how anyone justifies what they are doing. Private acts between consenting adults need no justification. And, since (supposedly) x% of most of middle-america (you did mention Kansas) voted that Ass Clown back into office, I don't give a flying fuck what they think of what I do. And, it serves them right if their marriages end in stagnant years spent despising the mate who screwed them over and who they screwed over in return...waiting for the other to die... Some of us will die with our loved ones...still having buttsex and threesomes and tying each other up to our walkers...and swatting at each other with floggers and missing most of the will we hear the safewords? Either way, we will all die living the lives we made for ourselves. I can live with my choices and I am sure that you can live with yours. On that note, I couldn't begin to discuss cheating with you as it is something I wouldn't and couldn't do. Even when in an awful marriage I couldn't cheat. Not something I could do. Other things I can and will gladly discuss! :) And -that "collect change in traffic" comment was fucked.
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  • muise

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    2011-09-21 9-19-07-

    you have NEVER heard that. Really now. I'll take it as hyperbole that you've never heard anybody say that if you'll grant that a person doesn't have to literally say it to be thinking it. But seriously, I hear people say that out loud all the time. When swinger couples meet for 'a drink' on a Friday night, the chit chat small-talk is full of certain tired cliches. Trust me "well at least we're not cheating" is a common enough thing for people to say.
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  • calandra

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    2012-01-08 0-17-40-

    We very clearly hang out with different kinds of people. I have never heard someone say that. I guess people I know don't think that way. [Do not go and interpret that as me saying the proverbial "my cock is (much) bigger than yours" and judging you if, in fact, you have friends who think in terms of 'at least we're not cheating'! I am not judging you - just telling you that that is a foreign type of mindset to me.] cheating, and why it is acceptable to you, the only topic you want to talk about? How about that snow out your way! x degrees in Northern California today! And the Olympics! In Italy! Or, we could discard rofoish topics and talk about kink. Let me know whorehubby - I'm up for any new topic.
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    2012-10-24 11-48-23

    Yeah - so it appears... Have you ever seen - I mean really seen - the D movie "Sleeping Beauty"? There's a scene in it where the prince goes to the cottage (in the glen) to find Briar Rose and when he enters the darkened cottage...he is ambushed and jumped and pummeled by Maleficent's (sp?) goblins and trolls...most excellent scene. Well, that's kind of what happens in here sometimes...not saying that's what went down in here for you today but it seems to be the case here sometimes... Keep an eye on your periphery and be prepared clarify/refine/defend your viewpoints. You seem okay to me - if I read through all of your posts I'd probably find something I didn't agree with but I would not judge you. And maybe don't generalize about all 'leathermen' being 'judgemental'. (And I wish you wouldn't use that phrase! Not only because it is a misnomer - for example I am neither a man nor do I wear leather - and I had my Leatherman Wave stolen from my car last month...I feel so naked without it!:) Many people (kinksters or no) can respectfully disagree and choose not to discuss certain topics...others will engage you in an ethics debate. Personally, I feel debate is good.
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    2013-04-06 16-35-23

    you have no idea what your talking about I bet you live on or are from the east coast, if not that,of the coasts your Kansas comment is retarded, I'm from Kansas, born and raised, no shit, and people there will tell you, spank bite fuck fist whoever, I bet you didn't know that the state capitol Topeka hasof the largest and most active gay populations in the country, (and yes I know, it also home to fred phelps, I hope he dies, and I hope I can watch it) but they are big on doing it in private and being honest, even now the religious types will even say its fine formarried people to do anything together, and I think they're right there, I also think its fine to bring in other people, as long as your honest, but I'd bet money the average Kansas couple is way freakier than the average NYC couple, because the kansas couple has alot fewer distractions, and they spend more time together, so they get into all kinds of fun nasty stuff, anyway also, people aren't using "i'm not cheating" to justify other unethical things, atleast they shouldn't be, and I don't see anybody reallying doing anything because "its not cheating", they like ass sex, not because its not cheating, but because they like getting banged in the ass and there isn't anything wrong with that, if you think there is something wrong with ass sex, then I guess you shouldn't be putting things in asses, but cheating is an entirely different story than a specific honest sexual act between conosenting adults
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  • hodgkinson

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    2014-01-28 23-18-28

    And now thank you for the info on Kansas. I feel bad for what I said in my last post. I should have said "Curses and bitter ills to those who judge others and vote for Ass Clowns" and left Kansas out of it. I was in Topeka last summer...I like hearing it has a large gay population with a liberal town bent.
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  • stumph

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    2015-06-11 10-04-34

    it isn't liberal either they're pretty conservative, gay or not, imagine that, gay...and conservative also, its really closed minded to think that people voted for bush because they like him, maybe they just hated kerry, I hate them both, and type his name George Bush IS A MORON, see, lightning doesn't strike you, and his name has no magic powers, voting for ass clowns kind of ropes in all of washington side note, topeka has been in the "advocates" top ten hook up spots in the US for decades
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  • anselma

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    2015-07-24 22-24-18

    sorry about that the "Kansas" quip was rhetorical for "red state conservative". Poorly executed obviously, many apologies. Didn't mean to insult Kansans. Yes I'm on the east coast now.side of my family came from rural Kansas. Wetmore. Where there are no open gay people to this day and the option is simply unavailable.
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    2016-03-24 22-15-40

    ....and this is kinky because.....?
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