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Author Topic: Date services Pocasset

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2011-02-08 19-09-35

SA in South Minneapolis You work at SA in South Minneapolis, a date services Pocasset nd not only are you a shining personality, you are a handsome fellow. I have to admit, for a seemingly crap job, you are always cheerful and seem to work so hard. I figure you are nice to all the ladies, but sometimes I secretly hope its just me. And yes, I come in to pay for gas just so I can see you. Thanks so much! A smile a day keeps the bullshit at bay. PS- I loved your halloween costumes this year.
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2011-02-10 6-18-51-

goodlooking wdm man looking for now looking for older find someone for sex Jerseyville IL women or a couple into anything from mild to wild so if you like what you see shoot me an email and we"ll get things 6"2 lbs muscular dark hair well groomed, am loooking for something b4 1am or possibly tomorrow, state fairs over :( and dsm are headed back to school so you know im real
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2011-02-11 14-44-25

Single and looking Well about me I am 26 I love to go hiking biking skiing and just enjoying life. I am currently going to school and work when i people dating online Bethel MO can. I am looking for somone who has there life together and wants somthing serious. I work out about to three times a week. I would like somone who is likes the out doors and simmilar interests. I believe in give and take where i will be there for you and i would like the same. If you would like to get to know me more then go ahead and ask I will answer questions I do have pictures and will send them if asked.
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  • astra

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    2011-02-11 19-51-53

    Looking for Fun Tonight! Looking to get crazy tonight. Suck some cock have a few drinks... locals for casual sex Dawson
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    Kirby Ohio Kirby Ohio females looking for sex, seniors searching soul mate dating site.


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    2011-03-16 3-43-48-

    Just Need To Get Treated As A Whore? Ready For A Master! Just Need To Get Treated As A Whore? Ready For A Master! No Prostitutes girls seeking for sex Mancelona MI Please. x + Only! Serious Inquiries Only. Several friends are waiting to gang bang you right now! We're Waiting! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you just love extremely, overly aggressive men who know exactly how to take complete control you both inside, and outside the bedroom. Do you love getting humiliated, degraded, spanked with, and without a belt, love having you hair pulled hard and forced to suck hard stiff cocks during a good football games! Do you just love being completly, totally submissive for a man strong enough to control your will! From time to time when you feel yourself getting out of control, do you just feel the need of having someone to immediately, forcefully, grab you by your hair straight to the bedroom to put your in your place with a hard spanking. If this is something that you know you want and crave deeply, I am the answer you've been searching for. It's clearly obvious that you just aren't getting exaclty what you really need that why your read this ad! Want to be shared amoung friends! Im looking for a horny submissive Fucking Whore to her whore soul, that wants nothing else worse, but to be used hard as a total complete worthless fucking slut. No fucking rights, no limits, no will of your fucking own except the will of your master's every desire. I don't have to fuken tell you your a fucking whore, you already know that your a fuken horny little fuken cunt waiting to be told exaclty what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. You desire and want someone who fucking takes complete control of you, dominates and clearly over power you you. This, even againts your own will! You desire this, because if you didn't, why the fuck are you getting so fucking soaking wet reading my fucking ad! Ya! Admit It! Say it! Say im a fucking whore... I don't want to fight this anymore. I want and need to get used so badly! Im tired of being afraid to admit to myself, IM A FUCKING WHORE! I need a strict master, to show me exactly what a real fucking slutty whore I can be for him! I will never question him or ever say no. no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem for me to obey! I want to surrender all control over to him, he will own me in every way he desires mind, body, soul, and property. I will with all my heart accept all his discipline no matter how harse or unfair it may be, because he is my true master strong enough to own me as his own personal whore. His control over me, my mind, my body I will never abandon, even if it should come someday that he may nolonger want or need me anymore. I will always be his personal whore, I will always find ways to benefit him without ever him having to ask from me. I have come to accept that I was born to spread my legs for him, born to obey him, born to please every desires he may command me to do. I am NOTHING, NOTHING! without his control and strict guidance over me! I will bring other WHORES to my master's feet to please him. 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I don't give a fuck if it's your mom, your sister, or your friend.When Your Getting Fucked :I am into very rough sex, and I have a very high sex drive, it's why I do what I do. When your sucking my cock you open wide, you look into my eyes tell me with your eyes that you except being a whore for DADDY! Never take my hard cock out of your hot mouth unless I give you permission to do so. Your pussy is to be shaved at all times! When Im pounding your fuken pussy, you look at me when Im fucking you. You scream not moan, you tell me "Daddy I Need This Bad! Please Daddy, Cum In Me". If I slap you during sex, it is because I am displeased. If your ready to be a whore, completly submissive to me, here is your chance!I want to fuck you in your own bed, in your own house. Be dressed absolutly slutty when you come see me. Do not wear any panties or bra, wear the shortest skirt you can find. Don't me from a restricted number, don't waste my fucken time ing me because you just want to have sex. Email me your sexy pictures, along with your number.Alright you fucken Whore! It's Your Turn! I won't be checking my email for the rest of the day, so just text me a message, and your sexy hot pictures, and I MEAN HOT!This Is The Type Of Woman Im Looking For :Are you looking for a good time? Do you want a girl who will let you degrade and humiliate her? A girl who has no morals what so ever? A girl that will lick your balls, and let you raw-dog her in the ass? If so I am the girl for you. Some people may me a whore, and they'd be right. I am a low down skeezy hoebag looking for a man to that will treat me like garbage. I have absolutely no self respect, and will do anything for a little attention. I love banging guys in bar bathrooms, and I have even given a blumpkin or in my day. You can even your friends! I am begging you to fuck me, me names, and never me again. So if you're looking for a girl that has been ridden more than a mechanical bull, and has a gaping hot hole where her pussy should be. If your like this, come get exactly what you deserve. Fuck it! Your a whore anyway. Don't fuken tell me your not fuken wet! How This Works:This is how it begins. First you have the desire and deep commitment to want to get used hard as a whore. Then, you have to prove to me how serious you are about what your asking for by inviting me over. Im not going to my guys down if your just going to flake. Im going to ask you where, and when. If you aren't ready for this to happen, please do not waste my time. me from an unblocked number, otherwise Im going to take this as you aren't very serious. The rest you know what to do. Just Need To Get Treated As A Whore? Ready To Submit!
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  • stonge

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    2011-08-09 5-38-16-

    bj someone any in shape guys nowadays need some relief, interracial sex on the beach De Mossville Kentucky i i am your guy, love sucking, licking shape, swallowing all the protein you�re able to give me, live alone, reliable, discreet, what happens here continues here. Free weekdays and days or weeks, let meknow, yummy yummy.
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    2012-02-15 7-52-30-

    Unique... Not too quite a few Blk males all around here like others I sex with a married woman in Collinsville Illinois assure every .. Good looking male expecting to spend sometime utilizing some Look other than stereotypes, I'm useful, as I can view chick flix and cook that you a nice dinner at the same time lol. Light wine-drinker, non smoker. Physiy match (I'm a model), gainfully used. Looking for unique who I can take a good discussion with, but subsequently toss the documents with spontaneously far too. Let's be open, sex isn't everything but as it pertains down to which usually, we all want someone who is responsible for capable, and I'm very much have the ability I assure people. Outside of all of that, just email me and find out where things head out. Looks aren't definitely my worry, but I do ask that you're clean, sexy, as well as confident. Ttys.
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    2012-03-17 1-56-50-

    evening off-looking to trade oral Married guy here with all the day off. Cannot sponsor. Doing errands Newburyport so that you can Danvers. Looking regarding guys under xc massive load. married but looking chat Brownsville
    Merry Christmas MTP, seeking a woman to dominate me - Edcouch
    Fat women seeking woman wanting sex, Lonely old women search dating parties.

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    2013-03-06 15-15-06

    Guide this insomniac rest I cannot sleep, if you cannot either c college dating sites in Lake Odessa ome on over and we will see if we can tire each other sorts of out. Clean highly discreet and attract DDF, Please become the same. pic intended for pic.. put "insomnia" with the subject line well, i can weed through the spammers and bots.
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  • camino

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    2013-09-27 8-14-31-

    Nobody needs to know... im in a relationship rignt at this point, so i am looking for a lady to discuss with maybe have coffees with, with qui fuck Tulare te a few chemistry maybe extra. Im x, white, good looking, don't do drugs, in good shape, educated. Email if your current looking for the same thing.
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    2014-10-07 14-36-56

    Call for a white bbw today!!!!! I'm bright white x'x lbs upwards and horny!!! I'm a freak and adore to please, I need some pussy you eat and fuck thus who's woman enough to have this d horny girls in Buckland Massachusetts ia ick. Text me I received pica and avoid being playing games.
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    2015-06-11 20-53-24

    "GENUINEx ON THE LOOKOUT FOR HIS SUNSHINE PRINCESS" Hiya Ladies, I i'm asian women fucking Kinloch Missouri a hispanic man from Minneapolis, Minnesota that might take the launch and fly my best way south with the cold and cold weather. I i'm single, pounds and have faith in good hygiene by maintaining myself health good, mentally, physiy, mentally and spiritually. Now for ones funny part, Ive been told that look Italian, Native fifth Mexican, which I absolutely am, haha! Please leave others a profile of yourself accompanied by a picture as I can for you, AND WRITE IN YOUR MESSAGE BOX "SUNSHINE PRINCESS"SO I DO KNOW YOUR REAL, THANKS A LOT!
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  • foster

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    2015-10-08 2-42-37-

    BUYING A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO BE TREATED TO BE A LADY I am hopeing to look through woman who must have attention and would strings attached Benedict North Dakota certainly enjoy conversation and laughs along with a fun and sincere man. This doesn't are a relationship in addition to FWB or it might be a relationship that has to be up to the both amongst us to decide. I'm not really searching for a bunch of women but ME: drama absolutely free, disease free, x'# along with gentleman YOU: amateur dramatics free, disease absolutely free, and you will have to be a female-NO FELLAS A face picture and perhaps a full body picture can be nice, doesn't really need to be nudes, I have pictures i always can send on top of that.
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