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Pages: warning, item of a political nature, completely [1]
Author Topic: Warning, item of a political nature, completely

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2011-02-08 14-52-14

warning, item of a political nature, completely unrelated to . that said, anyone else think israel needs to seriously check itself? this whole your criminal element takes of our guys we obliterate your house/airport/suburb/mall/water supply, is getting old thoughts? comments? info?
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2011-02-09 4-22-55-

it's kinda like taunting someone and so that they'll headbutt you in the chest and then they get the red card! except, you know, on a much grander scale.
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  • vandyck

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    2011-02-09 16-21-40

    ooh! NEOCONS retaliate with neg points! dreadful!
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  • Prudy

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    2011-02-10 0-56-54-

    you actually hit upon of the big deals... that region never mentioned in the news, namely control over the water supply, and how it intersects with Palestinian territories.
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    2011-02-10 14-40-34

    warning: rant. it is disgusting the unbelivable amount of pure bullshit the U.S. news is feeding the public. I've kept most of my annoyance to my friends, because if someone so much as dares to say, Israel is wrong, you're seen as a bigot, terrorist sympathiser, etc. My family lived in Beirut during the 70's, and my mom was raised there. Hearing her stories about the fucking mess they made a beautiful, (formerly French) metropolitan area makes me nauseous, and these bombings are totally proof that some people never learn from their historical mistakes. and yes, CB, you're completely right - Israel used to use their water rights to punish Lebanon back then too - my mom has told me many times that the water was turned off regularly for months in retaliation during the war. There is so much bullshit in the news about the "MidEast situation" that I can't even calmly address them here. They (they being U.S. and Israeli governments & the media) refer to everyone as Arabs - whereas Lebanese are not, in fact, Arabic - and justify the killing of 40 people and injuring of 100+ in response to the death of 6 people, and of course, good old Bush goes and ENCOURAGES Israel to retaliate, as he was quoted in the first few articles. pure insanity. but to be expected - after all, he too sought revenge against a terrorist group by striking against civilians. /fed up
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  • borum

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    2011-02-11 7-27-13-

    thanks for your, as always, thoughtful post. I've actually never heard of that book, I'll look into it. I've been wanting to read the illustrated novels written by an Iranian woman that grew up during the increase of fundalmentalist muslim law. Serendipity, something like that... have you heard of them?
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    2011-02-11 13-36-13

    no, but... ...I'm interested in hearing more about it. Man, you mentioning Iran brings up an elementary school memory. I'd already posted in the last food thread about being bussed out to a suburbanite elementary school in NYC. This story is at the same school. I had a bit of a nutty resentful teacher for the 5th grade. At point, she'd asked us all "Are we living in peaceful times?" Being typical American , we of course said yes, but not really understanding the question. She was pretty incredulous about that response and said "Really? There's no war going on anywhere? Can anyone name a place where there's fighting?" kid piped up with "Iran and Iraq", and with a snort and a dismissive wave of her hand, she said "Oh, they're always fighting. Someone name another place." :-p
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    2011-02-11 17-17-09

    I'll try to find the actual title tomorrow... christ, what a teacher - the question itself was great, but her reaction was awful! I personally always hated history class, because there was never any mention of anything outside of the U.S. point of view. I remember checking every year to see if the genocide was mentioned. I think there was paragraph in my 7th grade book, and it was barely informative. I wonder how the Bush Jr. years will be described in history books a few decades from now...
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    2011-02-11 20-46-07

    persepolis great book. she came out with another a couple years after that
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  • bula

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    2011-02-12 14-27-31

    yes, please do I liked ancient world history as a kid, but American history as typiy taught really bored me to tears. It's the disconnection and lack of systemic understanding of the big picture, and it reads like modern day news and views to me: a war happens. A natural catastrophe happens. An assassination happens. Stuff just... happens. Names get dropped. Then government signs some other stuff, fights more wars, and stuff stops happening after that. Until it starts up again. Can't trust those crazies out there, you know. ;-( I had no idea there was an Armenian genocide until an Armenian kid told me in Junior High. Even then, I had no clue what that really meant.
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  • belen

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    2011-02-12 19-10-35

    thanks, cornerhouse! yes, it's ed persepolis - I have no idea where I got serendipity from! I've yet to read it, but an Iranian friend read both her books and enjoyed them. you're so right about the way American history is taught - it's always bored me too (throughtout my years of school, history class was always my lowest grade), and it's totally that static, isolated way they describe things. it made you feel like there was nothing else going on in the world except the Civil War, or the Constitution, or tea getting dumped in the harbor, blah blah blah.
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  • melland

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    2011-03-01 17-17-45

    another story! I'm full of them tonight! True, the question was great, and her reaction terrible. But, she was kind of a nutbar in the first place, trying to also teach a bunch of who got saturated with ill-informed news every day in the form of NYC tabloids. I haven't lived there in many years now, but I gather the Daily News and NY Post are still not fit to wrap fish? 8-) So we had something every Wednesday ed Current Events. You had to pick an article, cut it out and stick it on a piece of looseleaf paper, then write something which summarized it. Then get up in front of the class and read your summary. Well, NY Times notwithstanding, and being , everyone went for the most lurid stuff imaginable: triple sex murders and such. You can imagine what Current Events was like each week! Finally she said enough with the triple murders, and yelled at all of us for picking such disgusting violent dreck. She really lost it and all of us were sitting there stunned and scared. After she was done yelling, she ed to kid to do his report: "Raul! What do you have! Is it another murder?" Said kid was visibly shaking, lower lip quavering, whole body scrunching down, and he whimped "No?!" She demanded more info and he said "Um... um... um... it's about a burned baby?!" Current Events got canceled for that day, and after that we couldn't report on anything lurid anymore.
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    2011-04-07 12-09-34

    omg, what was she thinking! I love it! of course would pick the grossest stuff! can you remember any of the articles you chose? were they also graphic? and yes, those papers are used mostly to start up the grill or line the bird cages of NY'ers. Now we have New York Metro and AM New York - even less informative, if you can imagine. and free!
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    2011-05-10 21-50-53

    hehehe, nice Even worse and free! Lucky you! I don't especially re anything too outrageous from my end, but my parents also checked my homework, and they were NY Times readers too. So, nothing too lurid for me. My dad got the lurid ones every now and then (I still remember the Huge Red Font on the Post after the Chernobyl meltdown: RED PLEA FOR HELP!) but I probably stuck to the "more palatable" stuff like Bernie Goetz. :-p She routinely went through those "Sick of this!" phases too. The media saturation being what it is, when major event hits, everyone reports on it. So on the days when Mt. St. Helens exploded, or when John Belushi died of a drug overdose, she canceled Current Events for that day too because everyone had the same report. But, it taught me an important lesson: figure out what everyone will do, then choose something totally different. That lesson has held me in good stead all these years. x-)
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  • prine

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    2011-09-11 13-09-43

    i'm impressed that xth graders were reading the new york times. not that i couldn't have, but most elementary school in san francisco couldn't.
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    2012-03-29 14-09-30

    yeah, exactly. x% of Armenians reside outside of Armenia - Syria, Lebanon, France, U.S, Canada... all countries with large populations of Armenians.
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  • dostie

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    2012-08-28 12-21-00

    Persepolis and Persepolis II? I think these are the books you're talking about. I loved them.
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  • Andriana

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    2013-04-29 12-29-18

    -x for continued incoherence.
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  • wafford

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    2014-02-14 10-53-35

    And, for a palate cleanser... The Daily Show & The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.
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  • beatty

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    2014-03-01 6-26-34-

    Taliban needed it hard I'm glad they outed the Taliban. They needed to be bombed hard, the way they robbed women of all their rights. I wish we'd bomb the African warlords who regularly inflict brutality onto innocent women into all holy hell. I wrote Feinstein and she said something about some bill but I don't see anything happening.
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    2015-03-27 11-45-20

    How many? I actually haven't heard anything about the women and ren bombed hard in Afghanistan. I have heard about it in Iraq though. So, if women and ren were bombed hard, then I change my post to "I'm glad the Taliban is out of power, I wish they'd been kicked out without harm to innocent people." Again though, the Taliban had a good bombing coming.
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    2015-05-13 4-27-19-

    Their lives have changed Yes, there is still a fundamentalist influence, but their lives have changed. Women are working and going to school now, whereas they were not while the Taliban was in power. Influence does not equal in power. I've read that some of the freaky fundies were threatening women, bomb scares, etc. But still, they are doing all these things they never did under the Taliban. Their lives have changed, despite the remaining fundamentalist influence.
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  • Sales

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    2015-07-20 18-23-11

    changed for the worse in most cases You realize it's only a single city not under fundamentalist jihadi control in Afghanistan? And that most of the Loya Jirga is comprised of fundamentalist jihadis and war criminals? They're just factions other than Taliban, so in typical US geopoliticospeak, they're "less bad" and "our friends" because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", no matter how many women and ren they rape and kill. You seem so certain about the status of women in Afghanistan. Why not see what they really have to say about both the current government and US invasion and policies:
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    2016-01-28 8-22-14-

    Yes their lives have changed... But who are we to say that it changed for the better? We have our own issues and problems that we can't even seem to figure out. Yay...women are working and going to school but what's the point when the society is dominated by men. They tell you...yes go to school. So you go and then you get into the real world and you're just someone's assistant.
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